KING`S CROWN™ Carbon Steel STRAIGHT RAZOR - Rosewood

KING`S CROWN™ Carbon Steel STRAIGHT RAZOR - Rosewood


Exceptional keepsake shaving instrument steeped in centuries of tradition

Following the time honoured tradition of the Gebr. Weyersberg™ family, King’s Crown™ Signature Straight Razors are designed and handcrafted in Solingen, Germany, known as the "City of Blades".

Exquisite polished handle (known as scales) hand carved of genuine Rosewood, with its richly hued and dark veining. Known as a strong wood with a sweet smell, which persists over the years, explaining the name 'rosewood". 

  • Forged from quality high-carbon steel
  • round to be 5/8 inch wide
  • Full hollow blade
  • Blade face is decorated with an etching of the King’s Crown head mark
  • Professionally sharpened and polished to a mirror finish
  • Professionally honed to "true" shave ready - right out of the box!
  • Supplied in attractive premium 2-piece rigid hinged storage case with die-cut foam insert for safe keeping and easy display

It takes our master craftsmen 8 years of training to be certified to handle a King’s Crown™ Signature Straight Razor blade.  

These handmade precious razors are NOT mass produced and are available in limited releases only.   Our razors are constructed with care and detail made to last generations. Truly an heirloom quality piece.

  • Closed length: 6.25 in (160mm)
  • Fully extended length: 9.5 in (240mm)

We stand by our commitment to deliver "Unforgettable Grooming Experience for Men. Only" 

At King’s Crown™ we ensure that all our razors are truly ready to use. After all nothing is worse than buying a Straight Razor as a gift and then realize that now you have to send it away to be sharpened before it can be used.

The shave from an expertly honed razor will be a much more comfortable, close, and smooth shave than a factory sharpened new razor, which means you will get little or no pulling of your facial hair and less razor burn.

Most other manufactured razors are sold with a standard factory edge that is not sharp enough to shave with out of the box.

Note: Actor Gabe Grey (Beeba Boys) enjoying a pose with his favourite King's Crown Straight Razor - Rosewood.  No wonder he looked good for his Premier at TIFF 2015! 

Warning: Straight razors must be used with extreme caution.

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