About Us

At King’s Crown™ we’ve known for a long time that discerning men want personal grooming products created specifically for their unique tastes and needs. For 500 years the Weyersberg family has been producing the finest blades in the world. For centuries the King’s Crown™ mark has been synonymous with exacting precision, handcraftsmanship and quality. As men’s needs changed so did our products; the one constant has been our full dedication to the ultimate standard of quality and global excellence.

For the first few hundred years the blades, made in Solingen, Germany (the “City of Blades”), were for swords. As times changed, the Weyersberg family transitioned into making cut throat razors. After all, the skills and painstaking craftsmanship required to make the perfect straight edge razor is not that different from those needed to handcraft a sword.

 Today’s King’s Crown™ is the legacy and direct descendant of the Greb. Weyersberg™ family business. Our commitment to the highest quality, impeccable design and superior craftsmanship is as it has always been. For that reason we proudly continue to place our mark on each and every product sold as we have done since first being able to register it in 1774.

 Because King’s Crown™ has always catered to the most discerning of men, today our product lines have expanded to include the finest in men’s grooming products and skin care. We search globally for the finest materials and handcrafted artisanal workmanship. As we have for over a 100 years, our straight razors continue to be produced in Solingen (Germany). King`s Crown™ expanded range of men`s grooming products are made in Firenze (Italy), Mumbai (India), New York (USA), and Toronto (Canada); to name a few of the centres of Global Excellence we support.  

 At King’s Crown™ our commitment to the Modern Man remains as strong and ethical as when men depended on our workmanship to safeguard their lives.