BootRescue All-Natural Shoe Cleaning Wipes

BootRescue All-Natural Shoe Cleaning Wipes


Keep your boots and shoes clean and beautiful with BootRescue Wipes. These all-natural wipes, clean and wipe out ugly and damaging salt stains from all your beloved footwear.

The all-natural formula whisks away those ugly salt stains and grime, keeping boots looking their best. And you can use them on anything – leather, fabric and even the most delicate of suede and nubuck.

The box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes.


If you are wearing your shoes in the snow and slush and get salt and stains on them, make sure to clean it off as soon as possible. Give them a wipe with BootRescue, including the heels and the grooves where salt can collect and do most damage! These wipes are made without harsh chemicals that can harm fabric and your skin, so you don't need to worry about damaging them or searching for a sink to clean your hands when you are on the go. With BootRescue you always get a mess-free clean!