The Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment is one of our most popular services where our clients enjoy a full haircut, straight razor shave, mini hand detailing, scalp massage, temple massage, and 2- week touch up

To  start, our Master Barbers work with you to understand exactly what type of cut and style you would like, as well as make a few suggestions based on their many years of expertise.

Clients sit with our Master Barbers who expertly cut your hair just the way you want it and finish your haircut with a straight razor to clean your neck - an “old school” barber favourite! All cuts include a Shampoo and Conditioner treatment, so you don't have to worry about loose hairs -you’re ready to go once you leave the chair!

After the haircut, the Master Barber starts the shaving process using a facial cleanser to clean your face, massaging along the way and then removing with a hot towel. Once removed, the beard area is coated with our Canadian Grand Prix Awarded Shaving Cream. A hot towel is applied, infused with essential oils, for a smoother shave and a protective layer for the skin. A facial steamer is also used to soften the hair, and prepare the skin for the straight razor shave by opening the pores and getting rid of any remaining dirt and impurities trapped in the skin . Our Master Barbers will make the first pass with the straight razor - getting rid of the bulk of the hair. The shave cream and hot towel process is then repeated before the second pass with the razor - ensuring every hair is gone leaving your skin baby smooth! Our Master Barbers work hard to give you the closest shave possible without irritating your skin. Our straight razor shave ends with a gentle massage with our Canadian Grand Prix Awarded Moisturizer, delivering a fresh, soft and hydrated face.


The Royal Treatment is not finished yet! Next, clients see one of our Aestheticians, where they continue the process with a hand touch up. Our team works to make your hands look aesthetically pleasing, without making them look overly worked on. This includes nail clipping and filing to get rid of any jagged or stray nails. Once done, cuticle oil is applied to fortify and hydrate the nails, followed by a hand cream and a relaxing massage. Next, both hands are wrapped with a hot towel providing a soothing and relaxing experience. The final step is a scalp, temple and shoulder massage to make sure you are feeling like a king!

To keep you looking your best, this service includes a 2-week Touch Up with the barber, where they will touch up the perimeter of your hair, so you get the most out of your haircut!