Signature Beard Care

Professional Beard Care in Long Beard

Be prepared for an exclusive and relaxing experience with our skilled Master Barbers.

Our Master Barbers start by getting clear direction on the length, fade, and positioning of beard lines to make sure you get the exact look you want! Once clear, our barbers use clippers and scissors to cut and/or fade your beard.

Once the length is done, our barbers prepare your beard for the straight razor finish. We start by cleaning the beard with our Award Winning Antibacterial Foaming Beard Wash. Our Beard Wash has been specifically designed to detoxify and effectively cleanse the beard, gently penetrating and dissolving deeply embedded pollutants while not stripping the hair or skin - for all skin types, especially sensitive skin!  A hot towel infused with Essential Oil is applied all over the face providing a soothing and relaxing experience.



Straight Razor Shave

Next,our Barbers use a nutrient based shave  cream to protect the skin before they line up the beard. With precision and mastery, our Master Barbers ensure    straight and symmetrical lines on both sides of the beard.The straight razor delivers the closest shave possible, so this will act as a guideline when you need to upkeep it at home after a few days. Then, a cold towel infused in essential oils is applied all over the face, closing the pores and cooling the shaving area quicker. This unforgettable experience and perfect shave concludes with our unique Canadian Grand Prix Awarded Beard Oil, helping to support healthy beard growth and a soft feeling while giving a healthy shine and adding body.