Noble Armour Facial

Our Noble Armour Facial is a blissful state of relaxation. It is starts with our King’s Crown Cleanser to clean your face with a facial massage winircle movements, helping to eliminate all toxins from the facial area. The cleanser is removed with a hot towel to start the facial exfoliation, including the steamer to enhancing circulation, increasing perspiration, softening blackhead and whitehead plugs so they gently release from the skin. For oily and acne-prone skin, it’s best to keep the face under the steamer around 10 minutes. If skin has a normal to dry complexion, no longer than 20 minutes is necessary (too much stimulation can lead to breakouts). Skin analysis is the part of our Noble Armour Facial. Our Medical Aesthetician cover the eyes to look the skin underneath to determine your skin type, as a dry, oily or a combination of both, skin conditions, as acne, broken capillaries or psoriasis.  Our full facial includes extractions which completely removes any blackheads imbedded in the skin. After the skin analysis, our Aesthetician start another facial massage to apply a mask to increase hydration, refines skin pores, diminishes fine lines, gives even skin tone and firmer skin. To finalize a toner is applied, repairing and smoothing the skin surface, diminishing blemishes and minimizing signs of redness and inflammation and also preparing your skin for the final moisturize.

As a client, you will experience one hour of pure relaxation, and when you wake, you will notice cleaner, healthy skin. Softer to the touch, and brighter overall.

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