Double Shave

Double the glory of a Deluxe Shave. Feel the difference when the barber takes a straight razor and shaves your head & face! The Double Shave is performed by our Master Barbers expertly trained and with more than 10 years’ experience.

The art of shaving starts with clippers to trim your hair to the shortest length possible before shaving with a razor. After that, a deep cleanse pre-shave treatment, specially formulated for all skin types, targeting sensitive skins. This step provides the perfect way to rid the skin of dirt, excess oils and airborne pollutants that can clog the pores and cause the skin to become prone to acne and environmental, stressors without stripping the skin.

Next our barbers work with a mixture of hot towels, hot lather shaving cream, and our nurited based shave cream in a multistep process to ensure we give you the closest shave possible without irritating your skin. Our anti-oxidant skin shaving formula is purposely targeted to reset your skins irritation and increase the blade glide efficiency.  We finish with a hot towel to remove any excess products, and a cold towel to close the pores. 

After your head is finished shaved, we turn to the face. We apply the same process, with the addition of a facial steamer and more hot towels.  We ensure the hair is as soft as possible, and the skin is fully prepped before we take a straight razor to your face.  We double check all our work to ensure we don’t leave behind any unwanted stubble! We finish he face shave with a cold towel, and your choice of moisturizer to protect the skin from free radical scavengers, air-born pollutants and other toxic elements, which rob the skin of its natural protective barrier.

Once your face and head are baby smooth, you sit with one of our aestheticians where we nip and file your nails. We work to give your hands a clean look without making them look overly worked on.

Finally, when you're all ready to go, we finish with a scalp, temple, and shoulder massage to make sure you are feeling your best.