KING'S CROWN | Deluxe Skin Care Trio

KING'S CROWN | Deluxe Skin Care Trio


Cleanse, shave and hydrate your face with our Deluxe Skin Care Trio. This amazing trio box contains:

Deluxe Gel Facial Cleanser: High power, cleaning agent for your face that leaves it feeling fresh and clean due to having Aloe Vera, Chamomile and lavender. Enriched with AHA's to gently penetrate and dissolve pollutants. Tea Tree oil has been added for its antibacterial properties for blemish prone skin.

Ultra-Rich Shaving Cream: Delivers a close and irritation-free shave for all skin types. It will leave your skin smooth and free of razor burn!

Enriched Vitamin C Moisturizer: Fast, non-greasy absorbing cream, enriched with Vitamin C for energizing and healthier looking skin.