KING'S CROWN | King's Combo

KING'S CROWN | King's Combo

$150.00 $154.50

An amazing combo to have in your home collection or purchase it for a friend or love one!

Double Edge Safety Razor: Crafted in Germany. Superb quality and artistry. Ergonomically designed in chrome, weighs 96 grams, and it has a convenient butterfly system for replacing blades.

Ultra-Rich Shaving Cream: Non-greasy formula enables a clean, close, and irritation free shave with maximum lubricity for all skin types. Improves skin conditioning and healing, with blends of certified organic botanical extract and plant oils which leaves the face smooth without stubble. It coats the skin rather than producing a lather, it ensures just the right critical protective layer between your skin and the sharp edge of the shaving blade.

  • Scent: Lemon Grass
  • Paraben & Pthalate Free
  • Perfectly made in Toronto