KINGS CROWN | Beard Combo

KINGS CROWN | Beard Combo


An amazing combo to have in your home collection or purchase it for a friend or love one!

Natural Beard Oil: Hydrates your beard while also conditioning the skin underneath, preventing the dreaded "beard-itch". It makes your beard softer, cleaner, and healthier looking! Made with certified organic oils and extract oils to provide your beard with the nutrients it requires for healthy growth.

  • Scent: Sandal Wood & Lemon Grass
  • No fillers or artificial fragrances
  • Perfectly made in Toronto

King's Crown Concave Pocket Comb: Handmade of high quality natural cellulose acetate material (or "nature's plastic"), which is derived from vegetable matter. Concave shape for an easy, effortless combing experience - Ideal for beard too!