• The King`s Crown OIL DEFENSE moisturizer is a fantastic product. My face feels well moisturized but not oily. Lasts the day – I didn’t feel any dryness”.

    Joe A.

  • "The King`s Crown skincare system works great.  It`s really easy to follow, and does not take a lot of time – which is important, especially in the morning.  The shaving cream gave me the closest shave I have ever had.  Great products that I would highly recommend".

    Paul H.

  • “Having shaved my whole life, I didn’t have high expectations that following the steps would make a huge difference. I was wrong. The cream made the shave so much smoother. Having now shaved with the products for over a week, the irritation that used to appear on my neck has disappeared.”

    Scott F.

  • "King's Crown is superior in performance. It’s not greasy so its comfortable on my skin while still moisturizing - perfect for the cold months.  I also have the 3-1 micro derm cleanser. The crystals in this product are strong enough to remove all the dead cells but gentle enough to use daily. The results are immediate." 

    Jimmy W.

  • “(at The Gentlemen’s Expo) we were particularly impressed with King’s Crown…shaving tools and accessories meant for the man who adores authenticity. Each razor and shave brush was handcrafted from all around the globe, some coming from Florence, Italy, to Solingen, Germany.”


  • "I may have some of the most sensitive skin known to man and my affair with beards began because I hated how shaving aggravated my skin. I’ve been using King’s Crown products for a month now and I’m rash free after a razor shave"

    Andrew D.

  • "I’ve been using the King’s Crown Enriched Trio Pack for the last month and have to give it two big thumbs way up!"

    Brock M.

  • "I instantly liked King's Crown facial products. They smell great, not over powering, and perform fabulously well. I fit the 3 step skin care solution very easily. The end result was an incredibly clean feeling face and soothing skin. I'm hooked!"

    Angelo C.

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