Is it okay to shave every day?

Generally speaking, shaving every day is very taxing on your skin. Unless you do a perfect shave every single time, you are irritating and damaging your skin over the long run. An interval of one or two days between shaves gives your skin time to recuperate and stay smooth. That said, every-other-day shaving isn’t always an option for everyone, especially in certain careers. If your job or your preferences require you to keep a close, daily shave, take proper precautions. Moisturize your skin, use healing balms, and keep your instruments clean and sharp.

How do you shave but keep stubble?

The stubble look looks effortlessly casual, but maintaining it is anything but. A good stubble can take years off your face, but if it’s too long, you’ll look unkempt. Striking the right balance requires precision, and the appropriate tools. A stubble needs an electric beard trimmer for maintenance. It’s not all in the trim, though. You need to keep your stubble looking clean, which means keeping a clean shave below the neckline. Trim facial stubble and shave off everything below the neck, and you’re good to go.

Is shaving with just water bad?

Not necessarily. Some people report great results using hot water, especially in the shower. Shaving gels and creams act as a lubricant between your skin and the blade. Water can fulfill that role adequately in many cases. Still, everyone’s skin is different. While some are fine using just water, others shudder at the thought. Shaving shouldn’t just be about removing hair from your face. It should be a pleasant ritual to engage in, and shaving gels and creams can add a lot to that.