King's Crown All Natural Beard Oil

King's Crown All Natural Beard Oil


Made with world sourced organic Essential Oils, King's Crown Beard oil helps keep the beard soft, healthy looking and smelling fresh without making it feel heavy and oily.


This all-natural blend is made with ultra-moisturizing hempseed oil, plus marula oil to help condition the skin beneath your beard and stave off itchiness.

The crisp, mild, and refreshing scent of of Sandal Wood and Lemon will awaken your senses in the morning and help keep you going all day.

The antiseptic qualities of tea tree essential oil will help to keep your beard bacteria-free.

Fan of this product:

We're always pleased to learn who's used King's Crown Products - See photo of Tom Hardy (Bane in Batman - The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max) trying the new King's Crown Beard Oil!

Learn about Beard Maintenance:

This type of hair grows more coarse and has a tendency to become wiry and prickly (you know that itch) when let loose. Oil helps soften the hair by hydrating the skin underneath, which is often neglected after the hair reaches a certain length.

The best time to oil up is right after a hot shower when the pores are clean, open, and most receptive to the oil (just be sure to towel dry first so the oil can catch onto the hair and skin).

King's Crown added certified organic antioxidant oils  and vitamins help with irritated, dry and sensitive skin types.  The oil penetrates the follicle shaft and travels to the surface of the skin where it helps to nourish and moisturize.  

Instruction for use:

To apply, rub two to three drops in your hands and work the oil through the entire beard, making sure to get down near the skin. Finish with a quality beard brush or comb

Beard Oil should be a staple in your daily beard grooming regime, as the fastest way to make it softer & more manageable.

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