FULTON & ROARK | Clearwater Deodorant

FULTON & ROARK | Clearwater Deodorant


Powerful aluminum-free deodorant with premium fragrance. 

This fragrance was discovered by Madagascan geranium, a flower grown off the coast of Southern Africa that offers a rich, green fragrance. Notes of fresh water and oak moss are complemented with hints of wood and clean citrus, combining to create a fragrance that reminds us of the Clear water River in Washington state, rushing from the Olympic Mountains toward the sea.

It may take some time for your body to adjust. Below is a guide of what to expect. Keep in mind that everyone's body may react differently.

WEEK 1: No Odor, Your sweat ducts are blocked from the aluminum in your antiperspirant.

WEEK 2: You will start sweating more. This is your body's natural way of releasing aluminum.

WEEK 3: Sweating and any odor issues will start to decrease as your body begins to adjust.

WEEK 4: Your body should now be fully adjusted.